The parish phone number is (607) 722-3988. Use the extensions following each staff member’s name when calling.

Rev. James P. Serowik, Pastor, Ext. 102,

Thomas Picciano, Deacon, Pastoral Care Associate, Ext. 204 or menu #3, 

Anthony Miller, Deacon,

Gregory Hrostowski, Trustee

Mary Haust, Trustee

Victoria Reynolds, Faith Formation Coordinator, Ext. 202 or menu #4,

Gretchen Matt, Youth Minister, Director of Evangelization, Ext. 205 or menu #6,

Kelly Soprano, Director of Music & Liturgy, Ext. 203, 

Linda Kacmar, Parish Secretary, Ext. 100,

Mary Pat Hyland, Parish Office Assistant, Ext. 101,

Paul Lanz, Maintenance/Buildings & Grounds