Music Ministry

Music Ministry at STVBS is a volunteer ministry. All are welcome – however there will be a short, private, audition process. This process is not intended to deny participation, only to gauge a person’s strengths and abilities. Vocalists will be asked to match pitch, demonstrate their vocal range, and sight-read a short example with accompaniment. Instrumentalists will be asked to play a prepared piece and sight-read a short example.


The Adult Choir is open to those ages 18+. This group provides music at the Sunday Liturgy using a variety of styles of music, generally in the SAB/SATB format. No prior experience is necessary.


The cantor is a leader of sung prayer stemming from the Jewish tradition of a cantor intoning the psalm. The cantor leads the Responsorial Psalm during the Liturgy of the Word and assists with song leading when a music ensemble is not present. Rehearsal times are set with the Music Director who will assist in vocal development and training. Prior musical experience is desirable.

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir is open to children in grades 1-6. The program’s objective is to teach children the language of music and artistic expression within a Catholic Christian faith context. The children’s choir is actively involved with the spiritual and liturgical life of the Church.

Contemporary Ensemble

The Contemporary Ensemble is open to anyone grades 7 and up. This group uses a variety of music, with a focus on incorporating Contemporary Christian music. Vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome to join this group.


Instrumentalists of any sort are invited to be involved at any of the weekend Liturgies. After meeting with the Music Director, instrumentalists usually prepare independently and arrive early to the Liturgy in order to coordinate with the accompanist and cantor. New accompanists on the piano or organ are always needed. Consider sharing your gifts with your parish community.