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Living the Gospel at Home

This one is long but worth it... We talk about the Ascension of our Lord and easy ways to live out the Gospel at home featuring AMAZING & familiar guests!!

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Share your faith! Describe your faith journey to someone you trust. To help, answer these questions....

  1. When did your faith journey begin?
  2. Why do you believe?
  3. Are there any turning points or major events that changed your faith?
  4. What ways do you continue and grow your faith?


  1. What do you think the first thing that Jesus did when he got to Heaven?
  2. What do you think the first thing the Apostles did after Jesus left?
  3. What ways do you live out the Gospel in your home right now?
  4. What does forgiveness mean to you?
  5. What ways can you improve yourself & others according to the Gospel?
  6. How do you extend grace to others?
  7. How can you form your prayer around the ten ways to live out the Gospel at home?


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